Dave Curtis Tae Kwon-Do

My name is Dave Curtis, today’s date is the 29th March 2017 and i am aged 27. My date of birth is 11th May 1989, born and raised in Lincolnshire, UK. I have a 3 year old son who started karate at the beginning of 2017. He is now 9 days away from his first grading which is for the half white/orange belt (proud Father moment). With not a huge history of martial arts myself i decided it would be good for me to do something similar, something i could work with him on and also be there to give advice to when he is feeling nervous for grading or possibly even competitions if that is what he decides he wants to do.

I made contact with a local Tae Kwon-Do school (TAGB Cleethorpes) about joining. I started on Monday 27th of February 2017. I have previously done little bits of kick boxing which was fantastic and i have every intention to go back and train some more in the future, but after my first Tae Kwon-Do class i was hooked. Not only am i learning a martial art, i am learning parts of the Korean language and movements that are required to pass throughout the grades as times goes by. I currently do Tae Kwon-Do twice a week.